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Details of our projects dealing in - Concrete Slab Lifting, Foundation Repairs, Soil Stabilization Jobs, Structure Underpinning, Leak Sealing, Void Filling, Site Work Grading & Excavation, Municipality Work, Utility Installs and Marine Construction Repair. 

Soil Stabilization & Concrete Lifts


From the larger manufacturing facilities, big box retailers and distribution centers, to smaller sections of settled slabs in warehouses, our polyurethane grouting for commercial foundation repairs is done fast and efficiently with minimal downtime & disruption to your company’s time & bottom line. 

Londonderry Retirement Community Building Soil Stabilization Job

50,000sq/ft Retirement Building settlement issues fixed for the remaining lifespan of the building.

Community Center Basketball Court Settlement Job

Community basketball court was drastically uneven and needed leveling due to sub grade displacement.

Electrical Transformer Concrete Slab Pad Leveling & Lift Job

A transformer pad settled due to loose sub grade and needed to be stabilized during the process of installing a new transformer.

Manufacturing Facility Forklift Travel Lane Settlement Job

The main travel lane for the forklift in this manufacturing facility needed lifting and leveling.

Beacon Building Supply Warehouse Bay Door Concrete Slab Approach Apron Lift

This Building Supply Company needed an approach apron in front of their main warehouse door lifted & leveled.

Marine & Waterproofing Jobs


Whether the job is along a small creek, on a coastal bay or sitting on an ocean front lot, sea water is going to constantly be shifting your structure’s foundation. Marine Grout & Waterproofing can help to solve these issues of constant wear and tear permanently. Let us help you get your seaside issues solved for the longterm!

The Crab Claw Restaurant Void Fill under Deck along the Waterway

Crab Claw Restaurant's deck was suspended with a massive void underneath it. This may have caused a major incident if not fixed.

Chestertown Bulkhead Void Fill & Waterproofing Job

Sub grade void fill and concealment of a sea wall outside Chestertown, Maryland.

Concrete Stairs along Marine Bulkhead Lift & Stabilization Job

Contracted by a local marine contractor to inject hydrophobic polyurethane into the void underneath the stairs.

Void Fill & Leak Containment of an Edge of a Retention Pond

Water was making its way in from erosion of a bank on this retention pond and was filled and concealed from leaks.

Utility Chemical Grout Jobs


With municipal utilities and systems depleting all over the country chemical grout work is needed more than ever, especially along the Atlantic Coast. Loose, sandy and constantly shifting soil can cause structural integrity issues and can break underground utilities very easily. This is where East Coast Poly Solutions comes in. Solving any and all utility grout work issues, underground compaction grouting work & municipal repair problems.

Stormdrain Retrofit after it was Damaged during Construction

Town of Easton decided to make it manhole after damage & East Coast sealed the new structure to the exsisting drain.

Town of Easton Storm Drain Void Fill after Parking Lot Expansion

East Coast Poly proposed to fill this void that was caused in the expansion of a parking lot with high density polyurethane.

Site Work & Utility Install Jobs


Site Work & Utility Install jobs East Coast Poly Solutions has completed or were sub contracted out to work on. Site work can cover a wide variety of needs from drainage work, pipe install, excavation work, etc. We can make it happen. Having experience in both Chemical Grout Injection work and Utility Site work puts us at an advantage to cover all sub grade issues. 

Major Water Utility Install East Coast Poly Provided Assistance In

Contracted out to provide assistance in installing a T Water Main for a Residential Development.

Excavation Work & Site Work Assistance to Commercial Job

Installed service saddles, corporations and poly lines to meter pits after installation of new water main.

Concrete Sidewalk Excavation & Reform at Easton Police Station

We were contracted out by the Easton, Police Dept. to demolish and reform a new concrete sidewalk for the facility.

Maryland Municipal Roadway Manhole Concrete Repair

During construction of a roadway for a development a valve box was damaged and a new one had to be installed.

Residential Multi-Family Home Subdivision Site Work Jobs

Laid conduit and utility lines for multiple homes in this large Maryland subdivision development.

Helped to add in Drainage Solutions to this Delaware Residential Development

Due to the amount of soil in the outfall, we were contracted out to replace the gabion & new geotextile.