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Marine Solutions

The injection of Polyurethane Grout material can be used to fill any voids the elements may have caused in and around the soil of the marine structure. This technique can also remediate any cracks or leaks that may be seen in a structure or concrete form unit. Marine bulkheads & structures are not going to stay perfect forever - get ahead of the problem and contact us to repair these issues before they become a bigger problem.

We Provide Long-Term Solutions to Different Marine Issues

Is your bulkhead failing? Sub grade behind the seawall starting to cave in? Starting to see cracks in your structure? We can help you to fix all issues pertaining to marine erosion & structures instead of replacing them for a significantly higher cost. 

Bulkhead Void Backfilling

The injection of Polyurethane Grout material can fill any voids the elements may have caused in and around the soil of the marine structure, especially in the case of a bulkhead or in the cracks of a shifting seawall.
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Lift Sinking Structures

Older structures located along a body of water are more often than not in danger of erosion that will destabilize the property. This is where Polyurethane Injection Solutions really shine, lifting your structure while ensuring it for the long term for an economical price.

Seal Cracked & Leaking Structures

Poly Grouting can repair any type of fracture in concrete, seal leaks in utility settings, and waterproof marine structures, or any type of structure that is in constant contact with water and needs to be repaired.


Along with backfilling bulkheads and seawalls, polyurethane grouting solutions are also commonly used as an economical way to stop leaks in dams, large underground tunnels, manholes, mine shafts, underground tanks, and around underground pipes and conduits. Instead of replacing the structure or digging it back up to repair it, our new aged chemical grouting techniques can solve these issues at a fraction of the cost. 


To read more on our polyurethane grouting solutions on soil stabilization packages & concrete lifting please feel free to download the brochure. Just click the download link below.

Polyurethane Injection Jobs


The terms slab jacking and mud jacking have defined the act of raising sunken concrete for decades. Using traditional methods with cement-based materials can mean varying results and degrees of precision. Fracturing and over lifting of slabs can occur. There is an alternative in Polyurethane Grouting Solutions. Polyurethane Grouting is the go-to type of Chemical Grouting that is used for large scale soil stabilization jobs and commercial sized concrete slab lifts & settlement issues. Poly Grouting can also repair fractures in concrete, seal leaks in utility settings and waterproof marine structures or any type of structure that is in constant contact with water and needs to be repaired. These solutions can also backfill loose soils behind structures and fix exposed or cracked joints in buildings or structures. Read more below on how Polyurethane Grouting can help your business or personal property’s issues.

Soil Stabilizations & Void Filling

The polyurethane foam-injection grouting procedure is a type of pressure grouting that is performed like other grouting, but is:

  1. Is tremendously cost effective. Concrete raising is typically about half the cost of replacing the same concrete. The cost of a job is ultimately the direct reflection of how much leveling material the project will require. 
  2. Is ready almost immediately! The material we use requires minimal curing time as opposed to taking out the old slab, framing in a new slab and waiting for that concrete to set. 
  3. Creates a far less mess. The job can be done by drilling smaller holes (5/8 of an inch) for injection that are nearly invisible after patching. This process makes for a clean and very efficient work environment. No major concrete or grout splatter wash down is needed. 
  4. The poly foams we use are environmentally friendly. They consist of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials, will never loose density, their lightweight (only about 2lbs per cubic foot) and permanent. These poly foams use top-of-the-line materials designed specifically for different concrete applications, this allows us to easily adjust our approach to your specific job and needs. 

Concrete Slab Lifting

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Injecting structural polyurethane foam into the voids beneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can stabilize them without excavation and added weight. You can lift slabs back to their original position using an eco-friendly polyurethane foam material we use from Prime Resins. Take the Before & After (in the Figure below) for example. We were able to raise the concrete slab back up over two inches to its original position in this industrial building in a minimal amount of time. Costing the company very little time and money.

This type of foundation slab repair requires drilling holes into the concrete slab then injecting a polyurethane foam product in through the holes into the soil to lift the slab and better fill the void underneath it (as shown in the Figure below). The polyurethane foam product we use is an eco-friendly, high-strength and hydro-intensive polymer foam that provides immediate results after injection. 

From the larger manufacturing facilities, big box retailers and distribution centers, to smaller sections of settled slabs in warehouses, our polyurethane grouting for commercial foundation repairs is done fast and efficiently with minimal downtime & disruption to your company’s time & bottom line.

Structural Grouting

Structural chemical grouting, when applied to loose soils, fills the loose space between the soil particulates and binds the them together, thus improving the soil’s load bearing capacity.
Structural chemical grouting can also be used to repair fractures in concrete and rock-like forms (Like the Figure Below). When injected into the cracks, for example a concrete manhole, the grout material fills the gaps with a powerful adhesive, repairing the integrity of the concrete structure or form. This form of chemical grouting can be done in very tight spaces and is by far the most least expensive means to seal & fix exposed joints and fractures for years to come.

Utility & Joint Repair Solutions

Utility use cases in structural chemical grouting are being applied everyday on our failing municipal utilities all around the country. A tremendous strain is put on our waterworks & pipeline systems year in and year out and time has caught up with these structures. Having the knowhow and experience in chemical grouting to get these systems back up and running fast, and for years to come, is tough to find in a company. Fortunately, we can help remediate any pipes or joints that may have failed in any municipal, commercial or industrial setting. 

As you can see in the figure below, backfilling loose soils on the outsides of pipes protects the pipe for the longterm while also giving it an insulative layer along the metal. This job, in this setting, can only be done with chemical grouting.  Click HERE to download our Pipe & Joint Solutions PDF Brochure

Water Control & Marine Grouting Solutions

Water Control & Waterproofing Chemical Poly Grouting Solutions are mostly used to stop water from flowing in granular soils or rock forms. A poly grout solution, suitable to the job, is injected under pressure and fills the voids between soil particulates. This goes on to form a waterproof mass outward from where the material was being injected from. When material injection points are laid-out in a grid-like pattern over the permeated area, these masses go on to then interconnect to form an underground wall or curtain-like structure that prevents the flow of water through it. 

Water control chemical grouting is also commonly used as an economical way to stop leaks in dams, marine bulkheads, big underground tunnels or manholes, mine shafts, underground tanks, and around underground pipes & conduits. To fix the leaks on these type of structures, holes are drilled first, then grout is injected along the path of the water flow. Once the water flow path is sealed, water will be completely stopped from ever escaping through it again-unless some major damage is inflicted on the structure. These types of chemical grouting jobs can be conducted from the exterior or interior of a structure, depending really on the demands of the job. In the aerial picture below, you’ll see a bulkhead that was having erosion issues we sealed from the outside of the structure in. Click HERE to Learn More & Download our Marine Solutions PDF