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Col. Woodrow T Wilson Community Center Basketball Court Stabilization

This community center has had major issues with soil shifting & settlement underneath its foundation causing deterioration of the building, and as the first phase of fixing the entire center we leveled out the indoor basketball court.

Sitting right on the bay in Crisfield, Maryland, the Woodrow T Wilson Community Center is a place for the community to gather and hold events as well as sports leagues. Through time the entire building and the foundation has showed signs of settling mainly due to soil issues from being a dredged spoils site right beside the Chesapeake Bay in the past. Visible signs of settling soon started to actually disrupt the building and foundation causing the town to seek options to save the building. That is when we got the call and put into place a three phase plan to save this community building and the events it holds. 

The challenge: The floor in the gym was experiencing settlement due to the poor soil conditions in the sub grade, mostly due to the fact that the site contains sandy soil and was a dredged spoils site before the building was built. The floor in the gym settled 2.5” towards the center, and on the wall, there was about a 3.5” void that needed to be filled to place the load back on the bearing soil. East Coast Poly Solutions was selected for the job, and a plan was set in place to lift the floor back to grade.  A grid pattern was laid out on the floor, and 5/8” holes were drilled, then polyurethane was injected under the floor to fill the void, once the void was filled the expansion of the material lifted the floor with controlled injections.  Once the floors were lifted, all holes were patched and the job completed.