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Our Geotechnical Services we offer with our Grouting Solutions - Polyurethane Concrete Lifting, Foundation Underpinning, Soil Stabilizations, Marine Structure Repairs, Void Filling, Leak Sealing & Site Work Solutions to meet any and all of your needs.


East Coast Poly can fix an array of different sub grade & structural problems you or your business may face. Commercial building settlement issues, industrial complex sub grade problems and large scale infrastructure jobs such as highways, loading docks and wear-houses can all find solutions in our grouting procedures. We also take a lot of pride in providing answers to an array of different  residential issues homeowners may face. Take a look at all of our different jobs and services we offer below.

Commercial Grout Jobs

Commercial and Industrial Facilities, Wearhouses, Roadways, Seawalls & Manufacturing Centers around the country are becoming older and usually have some type of settling occurring on their property. This is where East Coast Poly Solutions comes in…we can provide fast curing solutions to these issues that are occurring to our industrial properties. Some examples of jobs are as listed below:

  1. Underpinning Large-Scale Foundations & Concrete Slabs

  2. Backfill, Reinforce & Waterproof Large-Scale Bulkheads, Seawalls & Dams 

  3. Lift & Level Settled Roadways like Highways & Airport Strips

  4. Insulate & Backfill Broken Utility Pipes in Commercial Settings 

Marine Grouting Soutions

Marine structures are vulnerable to damage caused by elements such as erosion or large weather events. These elements can create voids in the soil surrounding the structure, which can weaken its stability or cause it to shift. To address these issues, Polyurethane Grout injection solutions are used. These injection techniques fill any voids in the soil, thereby restoring the stability of the structure. It is particularly effective in sealing cracks in shifting seawalls and bulkheads to prevent further damage caused by water seepage. The Polyurethane Grout injection is a reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of marine structures.

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Residential Jobs

We will always be there for our home owners and smaller-scale property jobs. People want to keep their homes and properties in tip-top shape, lifting and leveling settling concrete is one fast and affordable way to keep your home safe and looking good. This includes, but not limited to – Sidewalks, Concrete Stairs, Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks and Home Foundations. 

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Site Work & Utility Installations

Even though we specialize in chemical grouting and sub grade solutions first and foremost, we also take pride in our site work, utility installations and earthwork solutions. We make sure to be well rounded in these areas because most of our jobs require them. 

Why we take the time to make sure we are skilled in these areas of site work: 

  1. To provide the desired aesthetics of the property if needed.

  2. To comply and stay up-to-date with the zoning and other regulatory restrictions & requirements.

  3. Prepare soil for structure foundations if needed. 

  4. Ensure the proper drainage. 

  5. Protect the surrounding environment when considering storm runoff, erosion and potential pollutants that could contaminate water on site.


We have done jobs for companies as far as North Carolina. And depending on the size of of the job we will absolutely look into any jobs along the East Coast from Maine to Florida and inland to states like West Virgina. 

Our biggest job to date is one where we lifted the entirety of a 50,000+ sq/ft retirement community building’s foundation. There is no job to big for our solutions to handle. Just give us a call and we can talk about what we can do to solve your issues.  

YES! We do service small scale home and property owners along our eastern seaboard. Give us a call or send us a message on our contact page and we can talk about the issues you are having.  

Absolutely, we can accommodate any job that needs both chemical grouting solutions and site work / utility installation work. Like we have mentioned on other pages we pride ourselves in being well rounded in all parts of the job. So contact us with any job you may have that needs multiple areas of focus including but not limited to; chemical grout work, water proofing, concrete work, excavation, drainage work, utility installs, landscape manufacturing & property maintenance.