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Site Work

While we specialize in Chemical Grouting and Polyurethane Injection Jobs we take pride in being able to cover all areas of the job. This includes Large Scale Grading Solutions, Utility Installations, Trenching and Pipe-laying. From Residential Developments to Industrial Centers, we can get it done.

We Offer an Array of Different Grading Solutions

We specialize in Chemical Grout Injection Solutions, but we can accommodate any site work & excavation issues that the job may require. Just ask us!


With over 15 years in being involved in the Geotechnical Construction Industry, East Coast Poly Solutions has seen everything on the job. This is why we are equipped & ready to solve any and all site work and utility issues that may arise or are needed on any of our Chemical Grout or Poly Injection Jobs. 

Site Work & Earthworks

At East Coast Poly Solutions, we pride ourselves on our experience in earthwork capabilities & grading solutions, which go hand in hand. We have the know-how to handle almost every big piece of machinery and can offer solutions to grout jobs other companies can’t. Adding a punch list to your grouting job should be no issue for our crews. Anything from large scale excavation, trenching, demolition needs, concrete forming & finish grading. We can get these jobs done right the first time while using our time efficiently and effectively, ultimately saving you on your bottom line. 

We have honed in on these site work techniques to bring advantages to the job like:

  1. To provide the desired aesthetics of the property

  2. To comply with the zoning and other regulatory restrictions & requirements 

  3. Prepare soil for structure foundations if needed 

  4. Ensure the proper drainage 

  5. Protect the surrounding environment when considering storm runoff, erosion and potential pollutants that could contaminate water

Utility Installations

East Coast Poly Solutions crews can provide ease of mind if your job needs any utility installation. Having seen most everything on the job, we have the equipment and experience to install or repair (Any Size and Caliber):

Wet Utilities

  • Water Mains 

  • Storm Drains

  • Sewer & Septic Systems

  • Sewer Lines

Dry Utilities 

  • Electrical Conduit  

  • Fiber Optics 

  • Natural Gas

  • Gas Lines

Whether the job is for a residential subdivision or for a large industrial compound, we can get these utility install jobs done right. Our dedication to the quality of work we bring to each and every job we take on is a testament to our ability to produce long-lasting results you can count on. 

Past Utility Installs & Site Work


If you have any site work, grading or subgrade installation work to go along with your grouting job, we can handle anything the job requires. Even if you need commercial grading or void filling done, we have the experience and know-how to get it done right. Contact us for a free quote today!

Let's Take Care of Your Site Work Issues

As a leading Geotechnical Contractor along the East Coast we can provide you and your property or company with solutions in all areas of slab lifting, soil stabilization, leak sealing, structural repairs, utility installs and site work. Let your issues become ours to handle. To touch base with us head on over to our contact page, fill out the form here, or call us anytime at (443) 786-3083.