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Londonderry Retirement Community 50,000 sq/ft Building Slab Lift

Our biggest concrete slab lift job to date, this retirement community and its building are safe from settlement for the longevity of the building.

East Coast Poly was contacted by the Maintenance Manager with the cooperative community of Londonderry for adults ages 62+ in Easton, about settlement issues of the building. There were obvious signs of settlement throughout the building that showed the building was sinking. Spaces between the floor and crown molding, doors showing they were off center & voids between door thresholds (As Seen Below).

The challenge:  The work was to be done while the building was operational, closing parts of the building was possible, but had to be scheduled and additional downtime was not an option. The space was limited since we had to advance tubes 12’ below grade with a limited ceiling height. The soils were cohesive in nature and appeared to be softer in some areas of the building. The doors aligned North to South were showing signs of differential settlement. The solution was to make injections for soil improvements between 4-12 feet below the existing grade in 3 separate lifts and in a pre-determined grid pattern. We increased the load bearing capacity of the sub grade, achieved a level of elevation change to ensure the load was placed on the sub grade, and improvements were immediate.

The Manager of the building was very satisfied with the outcome of this project and how we worked around their schedule and building operations. We made sure to stay out of the way of the community members while also getting our work done efficiently and on time.