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Retention Pond Void Fill & Leak Containment Job

We used a Polyurethane Substrate to Fill and Contain the Leak that was coming from this Damaged Dam along the edge of this Retention Pond. 

Over time deterioration along this weir/dam, that separated this retention pond to the next door bay belonging to the Chesapeake, eroded away causing the retention pond to leak and not hold water fully. Below we'll go over how we went about this void fill / waterproofing job to fix this issue for the landowner.

The challenge: During high tide, the water would migrate back into the pond causing a harsh work environment, and at low tide, the water in the pond would recede back into the creek.  Each time the water level changed, fines in the soil would mobilize and erode into the nearby creek.  The dam was often used to transverse farm equipment from one side to the other.  A plural component polyurethane grout was chosen to make the repair for a few reasons - One, the structural strength, two the hydrophobic properties of the material, and three, the quick reaction time of the material.  Injections were made under the void in a grid pattern to densify the weak soils below which subsequently filled the void (WATCH IN VIDEO BELOW). A turbidity curtain was used to retain any foam that drifted towards the pond, this is not seen in the video as it was behind the camera. 

Once the void was filled the injections were performed surrounding the area until the slightest vertical movement was detected by ECPS’s monitoring procedure. This ensured the soils were densified and no more voids or leaks were present in the area.  The leak was sealed within hours, without heavy equipment, that could have posed a further threat to the embankment. There was a rain event over the weekend after the leak was sealed and the water level in the pond returned to normal. 


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