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Crab Claw Restaurant Void Fill

Our biggest void fill job to date – Crab Claw Restaurant was in dire need of help after they discovered their foundation was in very bad shape. 

The Crab Claw sits on Navy Point, on the Miles River, in St. Michaels, Maryland. Originally the property was a marsh that was filled with oyster shells. The Crab Claw is an iconic landmark in the area. The restaurant sits on waterfront property, retained by a seawall/ bulkhead. The continuous rise and fall of the tides caused the sub grade to become saturated. When the tide rises and falls (multiple times a day), water is expelled through the bulkhead causing fines in the soil to migrate with the water, causing settlement of the deck and structures.  

Through time the structure got so bad to the point where the owners knew they had to do something about the issue to save the restaurant. Thats when East Coast Poly Solutions was contacted by the owners of the Crab Claw Restaurant to figure out a solution to their settling issues. In talking with the owners it seemed the situation was dire and needed resolving right away. 

East Coast Poly Solutions drilled test holes in various locations to understand the void and sub grade. It was determined that soft soil was present, and a substantial void was present in a few areas under the deck. There were many apparent signs of settlement, such as cracked concrete, elevation differentials with adjacent slabs, bulkhead, and multiple retrofit repairs throughout the property and building.

A 4 lb. hydrophobic polyurethane was selected for the repairs for a few reasons. Polyurethane takes the path of least resistance and hardens to become a rigid, structural material that displaces water, fills the voids, and fills the void space between soil particles, which can increase the bearing capacity of the weak sub grade. The video below shows one of our crew members spraying this hydrophobic poly material into the void that was underneath the Crab Claw restaurant, giving you a clear picture of the expanding material and just how bad their sub grade issues were.

We conducted a void fill and stabilization plan to reduce further settlement of the deck and bar area below the restaurant, which consisted of drilling 5/8” holes in a grid pattern over the affected area. Once the grid was drilled, polyurethane was injected below the deck until an elevation change was detected on our measuring devices (indicating the void was filled).  Once the injections were complete, holes were patched, and the entire area was cleaned. The owners could not have been more pleased with the work done. 


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