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Transformer Pad Settlement Job

A transformer pad settled due to a loose sub grade and needed to be stabilized during the process of installing a new transformer.  

We were sub-contracted to work for an electrical contractor to lift a transformer pad that had experienced settlement. This job was unique in that we had to perform the work during the process of replacing a transformer at an electric station in Hurlock, Maryland. 

The challenge:  The work was to be done while the old transformer was being replaced with an updated one. Since the concrete slab was thicker than most slabs we drilled 3/4" holes in a grid like pattern over the span of the slab and raised the form back to level. Both pictures above show the end result after we injected the material, in this case polyurethane, and before we capped the holes. The electrical contractor was very satisfied with the job and especially how the changes were immediate and that the process of installing the new transformer was not disturbed. 


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