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Concrete Stairs along Marine Bulkhead Lift & Stabilization Job

Contracted by a local marine contractor to inject hydrophobic polyurethane into the void underneath the stairs to level and stabilize the structure. 

East Coast Poly Solutions was contracted by a marine contractor to stabilize the concrete stairs down to the water. We work with several different contractors for different reasons but mainly because these companies do not have the grouting machinery to get these kind of jobs done. We find that a lot of the time that new construction is not needed and that our solutions can take care of the problems to save the business or person money on the job. 

The challenge: The set of stairs along this bulkhead were not installed correctly when they were first built, thus causing them to sink into the sub grade mainly due to the constant strain of tides and water surge from storms over the years. To fix the issue we drilled 5/8" holes on each set of stairs in a grid pattern and injected a hydrophobic polyurethane grout substrate that is made for marine purposes. The high density material supported and lifted the structure and the load was placed back on the sub grade to minimize future settlement and eliminate erosion.

The Marine Contractor and owner of the property were extremely pleased with the outcome of the job. The fact that the stairs were fixed immediately and that the owners did not have to fully demolish and pour new concrete at a way higher cost made them very happy. The end result is as shown below. 


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