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Manufacturing Facility Forklift Travel Lane Lift and Stabilization Job

The forklift travel lanes for all operations inside this Manufacturing Facility were cracking & extremely out-of-level and causing issues and making workflow difficult.

East Coast Poly was contacted by the Engineering Manager of this 100-year-old industrial manufacturing facility about displaced, cracking and out-of-level concrete slabs that were located along their forklift travel lanes inside the facility in Cambridge, Maryland. This displacement was causing workflow issues with the forklift and needed fixing immediately.

The challenge: There was a substantial void under a chimney that had some historical value to the building. Standing at about 80 ft. tall, this was a significant concern for all involved parties. The area around the chimney had become compromised over time due to soft sub grade issues underneath the building's foundation. The area that was most compromised was the main corridor for forklift traffic inside the facility. A proof roll with a loaded forklift was performed and it was evident that the slabs were rocking badly.

East Coast Poly Solutions proposed drilling a series of 5/8" holes in a grid like pattern over the affected area. The holes were then used to inject a plural component, polyurethane grout, under the span of the displaced concrete slab. This work was to be completed and performed while the facility was operational. 

After injecting around 18,000 lbs. of poly material, the floor and sub grade had been supported and the holes were then filled and capped. A proof roll was then performed and tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of the installation. The test held up fine and the facility's managers were more than satisfied with the job and how it was performed while the building was operational & in minimal time.


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